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Awesome Proud to be a lifelong fan of Cubs signatures shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Awesome Proud to be a lifelong fan of Cubs signatures shirt

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What gets you excited about this idea of the inclusion of big ideas from all over the party into the future to the next administration that the magic of Joe Biden is that everything he does becomes the new reasonable if he comes with an ambitious plan to address climate said all decided I was going to follow his lead was interesting led to he wants to build the best team do it together that I would to rebuild this country I’m so optimistic about our country right now despite some very dark days for a Awesome Proud to be a lifelong fan of Cubs signatures shirt lot of our fellow Americans in large part because of what young people are doing right now after the murder of Ahmad Armory and Breanna Taylor and George Floyd young people by and large lead these protests and he did so in the absolute best traditions of this country the tradition of John Lewis might my optimism and my faith in this country is reflected in in those young people and the way that Joe and our listings and incorporating their ideas and their urgency in the campaign that they’re running an administration. America the first avengerand in the Rizzo brother stepping in is killing itand then instead of having weeding completeand adventurous trilogy in the Russo jumping over for the all encompassing infinity war two parter ruses are gonna do that so case by case I go back to the original trilogyand I thought it benefited from having different voices in an early Krishna coming inand making arguing the best hours movie in Empire strikes back set the tone for the next movie return the Jedi again I love that movie would be interesting to see a David Lynch return the Jedi all of those movies just benefited from an initial vision that working with Lucas who is the puppetmaster of that original trilogy yeah case by case I think Nolan with the dark night trilogy I think email that that was a very specific vision of his body just knocked out the park collaboration is also important to bring that maybe I George Lucas properly being like that overseeingand Ozzie just got up I get another to think that when you decide to do with granite as a way things work if someone doesn’t want to continue on the Francesca is important to point out that just that only new job to direct all the director also I didn’t agreeand to be able to keep up by with what we undecided with Randy that is not it is best to pass along asked also going to be overseeing rock to me respect meeting in a position I go online learning my memoriesand grades on either a lawyer I’ve just been accorded number times but I can tell you that is trying to make a case as the weather you should have one director do trilogies or had different people think a stronger case is have one director see all of them through because I was always now is more of a franchise going forward then just like this this new trilogy they have is great but is getting more episodesand is getting more standalone movies you will get the resort of the rings trilogy as a masterpiece elastic Star Wars had different directors the clearly George Lucas was overseeing all facets of production even if cursor took the Empire strikes back story different way than George Lucas would ideally like you still have George Lucas’s hand in that back to the future all Robertson Bacchus Indiana Jones all Steven Spielberg’s I think there’s a point when as long as the director does not become omnipotent like what happened with Peter Jackson with the hobbit shows your George Lucas with the prequel’s as long as there’s some sort of oversight by studio by producers able to come inand say we should go in this direction are some collaborative effort I like having a director single vision attached to agility the most part with the model movies on even look at those as like oh that’s the Capt. INVOLVED IN LIKE THE PUNK MOVEMENT IN MY LOCAL TOWN YOU THERE WILL WAS WEIRD BECAUSE THERE WAS LIKE THERE WAS LIKE A LOCAL PUNK ROCK SCENE AND WITHIN THAT THERE WAS LIKE LITTLE FACTIONS WITHIN IT THERE WERE LIKE THE PEOPLE THAT WERE IN TO LIKE THE ULTRA LEFTIST COMMUNIST WITH THEIR ULTRA RIGHT WING PEOPLE AND THERE WAS ALSO LIKE STRAIGHT EDGE PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T DO DRUGS AND HE TOLD PEOPLE TO DO DRUGS BUT IT WAS ALL UNDER LIKE THE PUNK ROCK LIKE MOVEMENT AND THERE LIKE IN HEADS THAT WERE RIGHT THERE BY THE WAY THE ORIGINAL SKINHEADS NOT RACIST AT ALL YOU HEARD ABOUT THAT YEAH THE ORIGINAL SKINHEADS CAME OUT OF THE SKULL MOVEMENT IN ENGLAND AND SKY IS A MULTIRACIAL FORM OF WILL THE ORIGINAL SCOTT CAME OUT OF JAMAICA AND THEN THERE WAS LIKE TWO TONE SKA WHICH HAVE BEEN IN THE UK WHICH WAS A MIX OF LIKE ALMOST LIKE PUNK MUSIC AND AND SCOTT AT THE SAME TIME ANYWAY YEAH SORRY I WENT OFF ON A TANGENT THE SCIENCE OF THE WHOLE THE OLD STREET IS ALIGNED WITH THE THREE ITEMS BEFORE BED TO GO YEAH I GUYS THAT USED TO PAINT
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