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I have a Best Bat Cat Something Wicked This Way Comes shirt couple other salmon figures in the past with his classic green shirt onand usually have a good one sand appendage or something but I really like the look of the sky be completely sandy like a different a different take on the characterand I like it quite a bitand then lastly stereo here who is another favorite villain line forget the Capeand the head of the dome are one scope piece his body is a little gangly again these thin guys they to being a little gangly this is the the fact that the surfactant sometimes does around it was his dome is sitting weirdand the strange part that often that mostly underneath is just the conflict the chameleon head under their just painted green stuff but not now for comparisons of got this classic Mysterio is pretty nice he also has some issues with Bill gangly in his seatand dome are stuck together for about one underneath his home he says that his stole the 10 another constraints choice is not about figure but I much preferred the outcome based one get here for Sandman I have more religions himand he was a builder figure that is also quite bigand bad figure but I feel he’s just too bigand he will only looking at the legs don’t really split into improperly feel the ball joint should talked a little more his head yes you did it to open heads I went with this one the battle damage but love either one of them to be honest with you of the fact it is in the pupils may somewhat come monstrous which is a great what is discussed below better viewed more alternate parts later if you should have more regular handling of the option instead of just the big crazy sand hands I wish he had just the standard normal looking face the sameand is sometimes got is not face so you know salmon scale more like the other figures going to feel Sandman should tower everybody unless he’s doing nothing needed three worries old understanding to become a big giant monster but generally I don’t imagine be all that tall guy craving this figure is almost the exact same figure just scaled up words so that the resulting tales he’s got this beer just like Lodi did I think you also have the blade them nothing but says that the skulls on his knees just like this one did you produce the same as separate necklaces around the foot will accept it just doesn’t work this this pretty boy to me like he looks to manicured Tony Stark so even though scope light is pretty nice he just doesn’t look as meanand nasty is this guy so I preferred the little one caseand then lastly we got shopper that is shopper in a different outfit this is a more contemporary outfit prefers a more classic shopper but the other all basically the sameand that this is about figure either I like the blast affected come with everything you thought about the upgrade I now this is my last batch of Spidey villainsand I’m now realizing I think I’m just finishing these figures quicklyand move on I don’t have time to compare every figure to the Marvel legends counterpart because I still have a ton of figures to show you in this lineand I’m already about half hour in so you from here on out issues figures to be a few commentsand will the next batch so here you have beenand this is monstrous version of enema bottle tendrils bigand beefy as teeth. 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Best Bat Cat Something Wicked This Way Comes shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Best Bat Cat Something Wicked This Way Comes shirt

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