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emerged after eighteen months painstaking work as just that I spent 10 months working on the project part of a small and dedicated team my initial brief was to catalogue the hundreds of queen tapes in the band’s archive but when the freddie box set was proposed I focused exclusively on freddie’s solo material until I had heard and catalogued every tape and I do mean every tape every reel was scrutinised from beginning to end because one never knows for absolute certain what might be lurking on the end of the spool not every recording is necessarily detailed on the box in all cases some of the tracks in the collection particularly on the three rarities discs are just brief extracts from sessions sometimes less than a minute long very often I would listen through an hour’s worth of tape only to end up with a 45 second snippet of amusing dialogue for potential use even in those instances it was always worth the effort on rarities 2 there is a lovely extract where freddie and mike moran 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aspect of the project too we tried to compile something weighty and impressive that the fans would love obviously but which freddie would have approved of the latter was paramount and a difficult thing to balance there were those that thought we offered a little too much of freddie at work but I recall thinking it would be great to offer for the very first and probably only time some insight into the great man and wonderful musician at work and therefore some of the frustrating out takes too I thought that element was important and so too did the fans I spoke with much later when they heard it we hear freddie getting things wrong sometimes he was human after all and ultimately triumphing and making it through to the amazing familiar songs we all love in addition to the nine music discs and the interview audio cd the box included two dvds the first is a collection of freddie’s solo videos carefully remixed in surround sound it also features interviews with the directors who worked on freddie’s solo clips the other is a fascinating two hour documentary about his life freddie mercury the untold story greg brooks revised text may 2016 www freddiemercury com Nice Friends Dont Lie, Looney Tunes Friends Don’t Lie Looney Tunes shirt

Friends Don’t Lie Looney Tunes shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Friends Don’t Lie Looney Tunes shirt

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