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You have to learn what it means to be a Premium Love Multiple Sclerosis Awareness heart paws shirt barrier breaker yourself in this job you’re about to take America’s first second gentleman and all their although they’re not with us here today to thank Ellen Cole as well I’m a chance to speak to Doug’s mom and dad and Ellen Cole and the really get our kids together let them know what what’s coming hard my grandchildren are about the age of the their children got to speak my campaigns I’ve been a family affair campaign to run so got some news for you are all by is the best part even an honorary buying for quite some time you know I came first to know was through our son bow by their friends they served as the same time it took the same big they took on the same big fights together California bow here in Delaware big fights helped change the entire country I know how much bow respected and her work in that matter a lot to me to be honest with you as I made this decision so now we need to get to work playing this nation out of these crises we find ourselves getting our economy back on track uniting this nation and yes winning the battle for the soul of America my fellow Americans limited use to you for the first time your next vice president nine states Harris floors your old telling you can’t me incredibly honored to ready to less competitive gel with the person to lead us forward’s cell phone of all the relic before the sacrifice determination today is a comment as reoccurrence of transfer everything we can economy and health children the kind of country we live in all online where we the worst public health sensory management plan the worst economic Great Depression a little reckoning with races and has brought coloration of constant to the streets of our country than finding out the leaders of life found people who every challenge we face even more difficult to sign we failed Donald 83 to better sell sell now will be an incredible first lady grateful great height of the extended family and I received. Us by support people to support both do is wait becoming so big barbecue and apologized and was supposed to be fine with we are having more morbidity for our sales and dignity for focus on the last word both you know my rights back is not the so stand tall on your ancestors your children and the life and alignment in the things that will be there and have some pride about how we handle our have once again called to all reason we started to show you see you see a we know we can because raw in aka better committee also is lack of inability to buy Randy we always have reason to me in the is going anymore going to do the research and recommend you do the research you people all commercial and was in the box we will mail stating too bad we don’t leaders of you will be as we want to ask you last appreciate Amy don’t you see the man I want you to delete this people have tomorrow is going to one political will start Pastor Darrell Meyer from Keller Texas today is Tuesday August 11 2020 channel allow world news. One and in all that actually a while back I was to a different stream on my other channel where I watched the fight were Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas in Japan and trumps in the front row for that one to what he’s buddies with Don King so do Judge Judy might be on the shortlist that Trump has wishes upon as she can qualify all she had been just technically technically issues private law like both she was I believe she was a real judge before she got the no issues at least be like at least a lawyer and become a Supreme Court justice you at least have to have a water great if trump the what you back in the day George Bush try to make his personal lawyer a Supreme Court justice and even conservatives will it’s because even back then like back to other Republicans wouldn’t just agree with what ever the Republican president said yes so like it was until they were lockstep behind for most things but even when he tried to get a totally unqualified person and to be a Supreme Court justice other Republicans like

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Premium Love Multiple Sclerosis Awareness heart paws shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Premium Love Multiple Sclerosis Awareness heart paws shirt

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Going to make it worse and that what was what was happening and because he kept stressing that these pages being put on ventilators are being killed in a Premium Love Multiple Sclerosis Awareness heart paws shirt knot and not surviving because they don’t need a ventilator their lungs are getting enough pressure just not getting enough oxygen is video got taken down a take his video down for saying this I need to down my and this is all part of the holds in 19 BC if you watch my stream VAX murders I go over all the news that all the news reports of the current events of the vaccine laws being passed in China and in Europe the vaccination rates by the end of the year and around the same time was the massive die off so I deduced that it was the vaccine they killed everybody and it has to be because they did not get the mass death over here like they wanted in the United States so now they have to push the vaccine by pushing the mass basically if they get you to comply with the mask they get you to stop shopping at your favorite grocery store for now wearing a mask then. Clinton went to Washington to get funds to rebuild our city and protect first responders but Donald Trump was fighting a very different fight was a fight to avoid paying taxes so that he wouldn’t support the fight against their troops what he wouldn’t support this importantly when I’m running for president will not support the troops support veterans support teachers really Horton and I said about Aleppo we do agree the notion has we have to create a humanitarian zone in northern Syria is very important months of their files are part of what you will first and foremost on the Trump sports are troops Donald Trump supports our veterans you want to ask Donald Trump is paid all the taxes that he’s deemed not take the letter honestly it is a are troops I understand my order changes I understand what you want to change the subject and learning be very clear on this Russian thing the larger question here is someone we’re dealing with is is the and others an old proverb that says the Russian bear never dies just. Were they needed to grow exponentially in order to show you what they were all about like they came to us with this revolutionary groundbreaking hard rock sound right out of the gateand that’s an incredible thing you know it’s it’s contributed to that the the bands of amazing success still having said that in the grander scheme of Led Zeppelin’s discography there are better records more solid trackless better you know quality production which is why a Led Zeppelin the debut is good but not my favorite not the most high tiered record in the bands catalog in my opinion so very enjoyable though still greatand I understandand you know give credence to arguments that it is the best store someone’s favorite recordand Led Zeppelin catalog so I Led Zeppelin debut output is solidly in the B category which is not a bad thing B is a very enjoyable very solid tear in a semiautomatic that that’s why it’s it’s positive you nothing but love service a tear in my opinion that’s what you really start in past see that you’re talking about do do not Led Zeppelin to second record number dose came out Tom Senior just months laterand as a result of this a lot of the pros as well as the kinds of Led Zeppelin one also carry over onto Led Zeppelin to like the performance is the production is very raw they’re not perfect occasionally Jimmy pages fast flurry guitar solo sound a little messy occasionally Robert Plant is is really going all out in a way where you just like wow man you’re you’re really dislike going for it occasionally there moments where the production like a heartbreaker or the baster sounds really overdriven in fact a little wonky honestly out of pitch with the guitar in a way as great as a song like heartbreaker is you one thing that I will give this record is that it some it’s a lot less in my opinion to rid it is then Led Zeppelin one which is another thing that works against that record as there a lot of on classic ideasand linesand lyrical tropes from the blues back catalog at the bands just really just blatantly stealing a discounter riffing onand extending into showing off is doing dramatic musical poses on top of I would which is very much what Led Zeppelin was about in the first leg of their career that’s kind of the thing that’s what they did but again there is more original songwriting in my opinion on Led Zeppelin to their better wrist there more explosive performances it seems like the band was getting to a point where everything was solidifying a bit more even if the record came out in in a very short amount of time after the debut more tracks on this one that I think are fantastic released her so my favorite Led Zeppelin songs I want to check the whole Lotta love again is want is the basis I love heartbreaker which is out maybe one of the most ridiculous but also one of my most favorite Led Zeppelin books of all time who can’t love the that extended lengthy just redone ridiculous drum solo on Moby Dick bring on home is a solid track toand I ramble on is a you know one of the many tasteful full gear tracks in the Led Zeppelin catalog in the first leg of their career so a lot of retracts on this one a little more solidand then the end in the debut in my opinion though again sharing a lot of the same characteristics as that album which once more is not surprising considering the length of time between these two albums so the bands first to record the first leg of their career falling solidly in that B category for me very good records but I think the band went on from there to put up better stuff moving on to Led Zeppelin three which dropped a year laterand you can really tell the amount of time in in the way the van was able to appreciate in skilland also I brings a better production into the fold as well because the songs I’m Led Zeppelin three are produced immaculatelyand I think they went on to produce even better sounding tracks after this but in comparison wanted to the performances are just spot on from front to back the full track sound dynamic in crispand beautiful out lots of space the more aggressive tracks like immigrants on our explosive might with like it still to this day a sound like one of the most just bombastic rock riffs of all timeand that a great deal that has to do with how well this album is produced so a lot of those rougher soundsand production qualities from the first two records are smoothed out the performance blemishes from the first two records are smoothed out I think that the songwriting on this one is a lot less derivative to a mean obviously the blues still play a huge role in influencing a Led Zeppelin song writing but I think that the bands moving into more original territory on this record as well I also think the quality gap between the Fauquierand more mellow songs on this recordand the hard rock tracks on this record close quite a bit still once more I think I’m this is not Led Zeppelin’s most ambitious project I think they did go on to put us a better stuff but still I think this is a quite an improvement I would put the three solidly in that a category right now from the Led Zeppelin’s next record was trapped in a 1971 Led Zeppelin’s fourth is actually self titled album which I we have right over here this record is awesome this record kicks freaking ass I semi amazing songs on this album the production is even better than it was on threeand a black dogand also classic tracks like a rock ‘n roll stairway to heaven
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