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And together we will restore the full measure of American strength and power and prosperity of countries going to do fantastically well you see what’s going on there is a Ragamuffin I Do What I Want Vintage shirt pent up demand in our country to get back right where it was and maybe even better and that’s what’s going to happen so that I like to ask that Mike pence vice president’s a few words please make this president and the good afternoon today the White House coronavirus said task force met and while our hearts are with the families of those who lost their life to the coronavirus and those who are struggling the serious illness today on our team led by Dr Deborah Burks informs us that the data continues to show promising signs of progress New York Metro area New Jersey Connecticut Detroit in New Orleans all appear to be passed their peak and we are seeing consistent declines in hospitalization in cases in regions across the country are only conclusion is that were getting their is the American people to put into practice presidents guidelines of. Model but he’s now the six close associate of Mr Trump to be criminally charged by the president’s own Department of Justice haven’t been dealing with him for a long period of time as most of the people in this room now today Pres Trump distanced himself from Bannon and the border project I was not involved in the project I have no idea who was but several of the presidents key supporters were on the group for Aaron Princeton brother entrance education secretary that the divorce former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark and former Kansas Secretary of State Crisco back when you guys are doing is pretty amazing in his own son Donald Trump Junior to raise funds for the wall project last year’s private enterprise at its finest entrance traveled to the domain on Thursday which is against his rival campaigns miles from where Joe Martin spent his childhood out for the latest from the house shortly after Job are about Pennsylvania Thursday is ready to accept Democratic Party germination for private know by is a pop. Harris no seems Americans all across this nation Lisa the acid here great with me yesterday we had our best grassroots fundraising day of the campaign more than double our previous record and in doing so we set a single director for online clinical fundraising I think I know why so I hope I hope you will join us as well those of you listen today go to Joe Biden

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Ragamuffin I Do What I Want Vintage shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Ragamuffin I Do What I Want Vintage shirt

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THE TRUMPET MINISTRATION OF USING THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES JUST WEEKS AWAY FROM ELECTION SAY IT IS PARTICULARLY EGREGIOUS TO TRY TO USE A Ragamuffin I Do What I Want Vintage shirt CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS TO INVESTIGATE INTIMIDATE OR DETER THOSE THAT ARE FIGHTING FOR CIVIL RIGHTS IN OUR COUNTRY I SAW A GUY DRIVING A TRUCK THE OTHER DAY THAT I HAD A DON’T DURKIN SIGN ON IT SO BOTH SIDES WANT TO GET RID OF HER LIKE THE PEOPLE IN SHOP WERE WANTING WERE CALLING FOR HER RESIGNATION SO IT WILL DO RIGHT AND THE LEFT GOING FOR HIS PEOPLE AND SHOP WOULD PROBABLY CALL FOR THE RESIGNATION ALMOST ANYONE WHAT BELIEVES IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE THE CHIEF OF POLICE WAS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN THE GOV. 3 was a bollard people are ridiculousness is fineand the boys are at the afternoon a I actually love this time of the boys but sure this is one of our current T shirts out on the great anymore questions comments not through hearing that we think about just what do you enjoy this Lake Mr one last demonstration with this guy whatever his name is going to be were not sure is my daughter Marie had written a break this morning for averages my birthday I had toand that made in moneyand husband are happyand so for the big little boy a sport is like that 20 bagel anyway so the point is our new Avenue character that’s coming along nicely in the shop could be the Internet guyand this is that pretty much what he does I will now slide a little bit further back in the early really great so here I airport the great time to practice writing usand we’ll see you when you every day to work on this thing that’s it like at your every day I would not think of them boysand I were of course this week is going again be further along you for taking your time to dreamsand the On banking now committeeand control of this Master Jeff Dunham ventriloquism was a little distraction to actually make so little misdirection can make people think came when the map moves on the dummy could swear voices and what is a whole California show usand for the students started going through the jokes people started laughingand started applauding better everybody so worried about being politically so if you want your career to keep going you have to know your can have a little more no plus we need his body the oneand only Walter was a human talent that we don’t know all enacted on Larry King Larry King now I guess the world renowned sandal comedianand New York Times best selling author Jeff Dunham Jefferson awarded Billboard’s top comedy tour on three different occasions is Fargo insanity tour holds the Guinness world record for most standup comedy tour tickets sold he’s brought to lifeand favorite characters like José the jalapeno on a stick is lovable sidekick Tina of course Walter the old curmudgeon who will by the way meet later in the show Jeff is currently in the midst of the perfectly unbalanced comedy tourand if that wasn’t enough to join forces with his wife Audrey for new full network show called incredible animal America with the Dunhamsand airs Mondays at 10 PM Eastern audit will join us in a little while as well when you can ventriloquist ventriloquist time third grade I got my first amateur Christmas one year to start practicing I was an only child so there was nobody there to tell me that what I was doing was incredibly lame what makes a great ventriloquist well you know I tryand look backand say why has my 15 minutes lasted for a few decadesand it’s because when I moved out here 1988 Artie been performing professionally in Texas so I went to college for 13 years when I moved out here with a comedy magic love animalsand beachand was following folks you the biggest names in comedy I realize if my career was the last I could amuse them can do amazing things by not moving my lipsand you making a bunch of things target wants that what was important was amusing for a few minutes but I realized that I was to go toe to toe with these guysand bookedand always been comedy comes around the country I was at have to learn to be funnyand I addition for Carson Tonight Show 9 8 times I was told no no noand Jim McAuley who is the Booker of most of the standards at the time he tell me nowand so is the area why no he told a course I asked him everything what’s the problem you said you’re really good at what you do your great ventriloquist but you’re just not funnyand so that you know that’s not difficult math right there so it was a matter of doing the grassroots thing for yearsand years doing the comedy clubsand make myself funny enough not granted it was only two years later that I finally was on the Tonight Show first time with Johnny was on five times after that so but you know that was one of the things I realized I need to be a comedian firstand ventriloquist second so what I do is I really write my comedy so that it’s that it’s funnyand what’s more fun about what I did in a straight ménage is in his dialogue you can set up a comedy the way Commies was to be set up this tension this conflict relationship straight band funny man so it can be can be a little set on stageand you know I I did the math I would watch standups on the Tonight Show or whatever other showsand the ones that really killed really doing great were getting a laugh every 6 to 10 secondsand I realized the guys that got a laugh every 15 seconds they would die you never see him again so I started creating five minutes in five minutes at a time because I was always trying to create that next set for the Tonight Show so I would have that five minute hunt that was Titus could be with laughs every six or eight secondsand then I would add on that so now I have a material course is changed over the years we’ve done seven Comedy Central specials but it’s that formula of making sure that that audience after two hours exhausted from having laugh at many times I don’t I’m not a storyteller I do my own stand up at the first of the show I did 30 minutes of analogy myself with the people paid for probably about the perfectly unbalanced to a why you call it every two or we come up with them especially come up with the title has to do at least not in fact give a nod to the fact that I know that what I’m doing isn’t quite right I mean it’s in my own promo photosand I go really is a grown man posing for a picture with a doll really fast what the guide is relating understand how take it seriously I know that I worked really really hardand that’s whereand surround myself about a bunch of great people that help me along the way but I know that what I do is give us organize for guidance in arguing with myselfand that was one of the named one of the two are arguing with myself why sparking insanity that was how reporter described Mel Gibson at one point sparking insaneand it took that letter is a great name for two why do you make a big a lot of money you sold 2 million tickets before you started but you could’ve done a year or two in Vegas at one hotel make a lot of moneyand live in one place wide tour is once a friend have in my career I thought if I could be big in the United States fantasticand we started doing big theatersand I my goal after the Tonight Show I wanted you to have the houseand were doing these places you know their 15 000 people for a picture so then it turned in the air national stuffand that’s where that’s where the big surprise for me wasand that was because of my character augment the dead terroristand that’s what put me on the international mapand here I find myself two years ago on the world tour we did was started in Icelandand went to the UK Ireland all over the elder Europe South Africa Australia Singapore Malaysia but the one that got me when I saw the listand we’re going Abu Dhabi to me what what Michelin shows but this is what was fantastic I went to show their 4000 tickets sold out it was an expatriate from the US it was mainly at the native folks there in the first couple rows with a minimum in the Muslim dish all white women in all blackand the cousin comedy channel the business world is such a small place they knew the characters in the last year we look at his world is a horrible place but after that to her I realized the wonderful planet in a wonderful place we liveand it’s filled with wonderful people amazing people but a handful of jerks it ruin it for the rest of usand you know what tonight after I was in I would not be doing the show I was in the locality of Israel to the exact same show for 4000 Jewish people get to their favorite character was documented that terraced so I realized my audiences limits they want to be there so I don’t get horrible people showed up hopefully but what a wonderful thing to be able to go around the worldand make different people whose English Internet con laugh the same as a gift it’s amazing after the break what’s inspired some of Jeff Dunham’s most famous characters one of which will be later shows the incredible Jeff Dunham on the great success stories will meet his wifeand little while talk about the food show become up the good characters I pretty much respond to whatever is going on in societyand I tryand figure out what is it that will make the most number of people at the hardest also push the limits you said I’ve skewered whites Blacks Hispanics Christians Jews Muslims gays straight rednecks addicts the elderlyand my wife is a standup comic it’s my job to make sure the majority of people laughand I believe comedy is the last true form of free speech do you know no bounds or you have on oh I think every good comic you know your you know your limits you know how far he can present quotas is pretty oldand a privilege stand pretty much by that but the world is changed since I said thatand everything is so everybody so worried about being politically correct to sell if you want your career to keep going you have to know your limits he can have a Bill Marr night no data growth at no but why do wise people get the griefand got a goodand smart Bill Marr’s extraordinarily smart that both friends of mine what happens I don’t know I didn’t know that Billand Kathy does are two completely separate things I think I didn’t see Dale I just read thatand it just looked like almost a knee jerk response to a you know to set upand upon signing like it was like oh I’m sure as it was coming out of his mouth if I went I shouldn’t say that they said I’m just kidding the first thing he said is rightand if you get it taken aback if I would have so you know but I think every good comic noses limit you know your audience you know how far you can push it into me if you’re offending a small percentage of the audience 345 you’re probably pushing it just the right amount because when those people are offended that is what the majority are people are laughing hardest but if you’re on live television now you just that they can’t figure pending at the holder was she thinking analyze the majority of foam’s unpopularity is 60 so you would think 60 of people would’ve liked the 40 down that 40 is allowed either way I just if you don’t surround yourself with people that disagree with you then I think you’re making a mistake so I think you have to listen to both sides of any people around you constantly telling you your great great is to be paid as he gets a great idea then I don’t think you have all the right people are me with a new character the characters again if I got the dead terrorist rigsand media have on me that if I have four in the regular act so to get a new one has you have to really test it right sureand I just do we did my Netflix special in Ireland last week five days ago where sheand I thought of going to go to Ireland so I would do something just the Irish people but will still be fine at everybody I have 20 month old twin boys so I’m constantly deal with the baby stuffand so I created a baby character puppet were going to Ireland while the baby needs to have a drinking problem so here’s a little infoand make drinking promises giant headed babyand he has Irish accentand in Ireland they love the fact that they have drug problems that then I’m proudand so we may drink in jokes I did baby jokesand all the other so I respond to circumcise you come up with off well I’ll tryand make the story not to store not too lengthy but it was a year after 9 11 nothing funny about 9 11 ever will be but you look to Lenoand Letterman to time they are making fun of Osama bin Laden the factoryand fan we do know where he wasand I thought to myself I do worry is he’s kind that even living in a suitcase of my guys so I created this bumbling stupid characterand called in the data but I thought if I do this I need to write material as if they were relatives of the victims sitting in the audience 10 feet from in the front row what are they okay with what would they laugh at what would help them move on but still laugh so I wrote the jokes the material that I thought would be appropriate I thought I’m not going to Hawaii to try this not to try this in somewhere on the West Coast go her account so I got booked at a comedy club 6 miles from Ground Zero one year laterand I do my regular show 4550 minutes headliner sold out when the big name at the time so not everybody knew who I was that was thereand that towards the end of the show I said folks there’s one sentence with Baldwin hereand that is Osama bin Laden is dead the room erupted with applies cheering so I know what minority is he’s in the suitcase like a human please welcome the demos it’s like God took a vacuum in stock the atmosphere out of that room it was completely quiet I know people were taken what is this a whole from California about to show us Apple that this bumbling stupid skeleton study going through the jokes people started laughingand started applauding can gone any better I did everything for two years letters from military folks their familiesand the victims that relatives thanking me for for doing I was spitting in the face of of that stuff laughing you laugh at your fears to get you pastand so I thought I’d done a good thingand then did for my two years inand stopped my neck specials coming along which are called spark insanity was good beyond the on Comedy Central in 2007 2008and I thought I would plan another character I’ve used in a while so I found the dead Osama but I like to get my act Evergreen so I thought I can’t use their assignment as if we catch every fleas found dead won’t work so I thought instead of sending one dangerous guy hours offended entire group of people so I made them the dead terrorist we always from we don’t know what his religion is he said he not Muslim’s edits everybody when asking Correll was on the first meaning movie any plate grew the interviewer asked him what accent for grewand Steve Carell said you know you’re upand they said is that so or not M accent lights like that is like Middle Eastern so that it caught caught on fireand that theand the dead terrorist took me to places I never thought I go next Jets wife Audrey Joyce assemble learned all about the Dunham’s new Food network show incredible animal America don’t click away how is Jeff wife Audrey Dunham says sitting listening to star in incredible animal America Erin Mondays at 10 PM Eastern on the food network how did that come about our lifeand for many many yearsand yearsand we were already during the beginning of this we’re going to stay steady on the red marketing if you page I was in financial pain facts actually straining meand a special for researchand intelligent great to communicate if one day better be referring to the child. INTERESTING SPHERES IT’S IN OUR GALLERY AND IT SAID A LOT OF DIFFERENT SPHERES OF OF THE GLOBE AND THE EARTH YOU CAN ACTUALLY PURCHASE THESE IN THERE FOR FUN ITEMS FOR THE HOME IN THE LAST WE HAVE THAT THIS DAY IN HISTORY WE FOUND THIS WHERE THERE TO ACTUALLY REVIEW OF THIS DATE GOING BACK TO HISTORY WHAT HAPPENED ON THE STATES WE THOUGHT IT BE FUN TO CONTINUE TO PUBLISH AND THIS ON NON DEFTLY IS A SPECIFIC TIME THE SPECIFIC DATES WE THOUGHT YOU’D LIKE THIS LINK WE THOUGHT YOU ALSO ENJOY THE INFORMATION ON A RANCH WILL SEE A WRECKING RING AND INSPIRATIONAL CREDITS CHEEKY ME THANKS CAROL I THINK IT’S IMPORTANT THAT WE DEFTLY CONTINUED TO LOOK FOR WAYS TO INCREASE OUR VIBRATION AS WE GO THROUGH SOME OF THIS MATERIAL THE JOURNEY OF AWAKENING WE STARTED OFF WITH THE GOLDEN AGE IS COMING IN THIS IS BY RALPH SMART AND RALPH IS CUT SOME AGING ENERGY AND WE LIKE HIM AND I THINK IT’S IT’S REALLY FUN TO TO POST HIS WORK SECOND IS ON ANOTHER VIDEO BY JORDAN PETERSON WE FOLLOW AND TRACK WITH A LOT OF JORDANS WORK AND
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