Willie Nelson Roll me up and smoke me when I die signatures shirt

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Testing as others we have some governors that are very strong on testing we have other governors frankly that are nearly as strong on testing their test is much more modest and a Willie Nelson Roll me up and smoke me when I die signatures shirt real test is when people stop getting sick and I’ll be able to do that too and I understand both systems very well aware going to maximum testing even though some people won’t even want to use it well with be there very soon if you look at the numbers it could be that we’re getting very close and I don’t have the exact numbers we would’ve had and if you asked me the same question little while ago because people with the statistics were there would to be there very soon where we really were really doing him and I watched a report on NBC today and was an incorrect report because were really doing a great job in testing unfortunately the the administration the people that work our government has been given the kind of credit that it deserves last month was about ventilators now we have so many that were able to give them to Italy. And her heart fell to see a violent clash and sue between those celebrating hay no standing against it was a wake up call for all of us as a country for me was a call to action my father used to say silence is complicity. Because they’re white and the other black lies might matter motherfucker I shot a girl and had because she said all eyes met why because they’re playing on the slavery married and you know what happens if black people let go to slavery narrative is look into the future is that a look into the past the Democrats will be able to do this year as a reelection they won’t be able to manipulate you every election year that’s why use this as my thumbnail as my show this mean the beginning of the stream because we’ve now come full circle if you let go of the slavery narrative you no longer enslave yourself to the pass but of course

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Willie Nelson Roll me up and smoke me when I die signatures shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

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Willie Nelson Roll me up and smoke me when I die signatures shirt

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How long the American people have to remain on this emergency footing and for Dr Burks administration tries to get its arms around this test kit sorted issue the next glaring needs could be respirators and related hospital so it is inefficient doing right now to ramp up production of respirators in the in that kind of equipment should this so when you have an outbreak like this particular you trying to interfere with it it’s really impossible to predict the time element of when it’s got a Willie Nelson Roll me up and smoke me when I die signatures shirt peek and when it’s naturally get to go down so if you look at the situation where countries really did not get to the point of trying to contain and mitigate very well you see a peek over several weeks and then down again on the other several weeks what we’re trying to do with the efforts that were doing is to blunt that I mentioned it many times and I think it’s important and appropriate for me to mention again because it answers your question when you talk about preventing infections from without which is the kind of travel. Survived the Holocaust that he survived the Soviet Union take over of his country but then he was a visiting professor at Virginia Tech and he couldn’t survive the splurge of gun violence we can support the Second Amendment and do things like background record checks and make us safer and I’ll make police safer to you my uncle was career on the beach in the downtown Chicago is my hero and I was growing up we go to visit my dad’s family in Chicago three brothers and I would marvel at my only when you come out in his uniform SideArm police officers are the best of us men and women white and African American Asian Latino Hispanic they put their lives on the line every single day and let me say it and the risk of agreeing with you community policing is a great idea is working the state and and and we fully support that Donald Trump and make sure that law enforcement had the resources in the tools to be able to really restore law and order to the cities and communities and nations probably probably why the. Election in my line year voting is now US Postal Service for me to change as my father worked for the Postal Service of 30 years first year I am appalled at what the Republicans and the president are trying to do to subvert the vote on no one by rail where he was going in the section is Republican well be put in from the male women will before signing them is one of the side of the kitchen table and said well maybe John diagrams inside our nation well maybe to and maybe by then by foreign powers over the for more during prayer or a person your server contrast 33035 Alex Padilla California Secretary of State dancing and secretary of state of Michigan voting is the oxygen of our democracy and decide elections elections change lights that I’ve seen so many attacks on our right to vote including many that specifically target working families young people and communities of color responsible for both secure elections reverted every voice is heard I democracy tax foreign let’s talk about this election despite what
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